Important announcement about closure due to Coronavirus Read the December 2020 update

December Update

Update about the Spring Term, January 2021.

Discussions with the various bodies involved in managing the responses to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic locally continue. However, as things stand, it will not be possible for classes and group meetings at The Bridge to restart until the Darlington area enters Tier 1 of the current tier system. Even then, except for some specific, very limited exemptions, group numbers will be limited to 6 until the regulations and advice change.

All of this means that it will not be possible to re-open The Bridge in January 2021 as we had hoped. The Board are keeping things under review and as soon as restrictions lessen we will do whatever we can to get things started again.

In the meantime you may be interested in these news items which have appeared throughout the year which show how artists have been responding to the pandemic. In particular, recognising the important work performed by key workers across the country:-

Then, of course, there have been the various pieces of artwork and videos which have been produced throughout the year by those who come to The Bridge which are published on our website. Please browse through them, enjoy them, and, hopefully, gain inspiration for your own art and craft projects you may be doing or have planned.

The Board would like to thank all volunteers for the important support they have provided throughout 2020. For everyone associated with The Bridge we wish a safe and peaceful Christmas and New Year and look forward to things being much better in 2021.

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Date posted: Tuesday 15th December 2020 Category: Announcements

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